A Street Cat Named Bob – a different perspective when you watch the film with a homeless man beside you.

The reasons for a person to become homeless are many and varied but financial difficulties are the foremost reason for becoming homeless. The stories behind this can include losing a job, losing an affordable permanent place to live, family break- up, drug and alcohol abuse or gambling addiction.

Case workers are helping many men to overcome addiction or to recover from their crises through a stay at Bethlehem House. The men who come to Bethlehem House know that it’s a safe place where no drug use or alcohol abuse is tolerated and they can get all the support they need while they are with us.

In the last year, Bethlehem House has supported 364 men, the majority of whom are Tasmanians. They provided 5,584 bed nights plus thousands of hot meals, breakfasts, showers and laundry services for the homeless.

Stephanie Meikle, CEO of Bethlehem House: ‘I was privileged to accompany a few of the men who live at Bethlehem House, to the cinema recently to watch the film ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’. It’s very poignant to sit amongst homeless men and to watch that film – homelessness has no place in our society, but until it’s a thing of the past, Bethlehem House will continue to shelter those who need us’.