Schools Sleep-out Challenge

Bethlehem House Tasmanian School Sleep-out

This inaugural school sleep-out event is a fun opportunity for your school to hold an overnight school camp or an awareness raising activity to raise funds for homeless men in Tasmania and raise awareness of some of the challenges they face.
Everybody’s Home Campaign

Everybody’s Home Campaign

Homelessness Australia is urging all Australians to get involved in a campaign called Everybody’s Home Campaign, that will see everyone working together to call on our government to implement the solutions needed to ensure everyone has a home by 2030.

40 More Years Of Gambling Addiction Related Homelessness

Bethlehem House resident Simon Rolle and former resident Robert Kreschl, have been active campaigners in the campaign for restriction of Poker machines in Tasmania. Both men have had first-hand experience of the misery and devastation caused by addiction to poker machines and resulting homelessness.