‘Up until the 1st May last year I’d been sleeping in an abandoned shop at Gordon down the channel.

My childhood wasn’t any great shakes: Dad knocked all my teeth out: he used to beat me up a lot.

I’m 39 now but I don’t like to go to the Doc because Dad used to take me there after he’d beaten me up. I’d been drinking pretty heavy since I was 14: used to drink a couple of big bottles of port wine every day- that’s what gave me the ulcers in me mouth and I couldn’t wear my dentures because of that.’

The first thing case workers at Bethlehem House did was to arrange a doctor’s appointment for Chris who hadn’t been to the doctors for 10 years mainly due to his association with him being abused and then being taken to a Doctor.

Chris says our no alcohol policy at Beth House assisted him in stopping the excessive drinking for the first time in his life. He could not recall ever not drinking before.

Chris is now on Medication to assist him with his abstinence from alcohol, as well as control a bleeding bowel. With our assistance he attended Housing Connect and after just 4 weeks was given a one bedroom unit to look at in Chigwell.

This is the first time Chris has had a place of his own and he was over the moon about it. We then contacted Vinnie’s who offer to furnish a property for clients such as Chris, his furniture has arrived and Chris is now looking for full time employment and for the first time, he has a bright new future.