Colin has been in and out of Bethlehem House services on numerous occasions since March 2014.

Colin has had some issues in the past relating to previous violence against him in his family.  He grew up in a family which included violence and drug use.

Colin has previously left the service after a several brief stays due to recurring cycles of drug use and other challenges stemming from his poor mental health.

Since returning to Bethlehem House in May 2015, Colin has been linked in with a supportive GP, as well as a psychiatrist and has even received funding for major dental work for his teeth to be replaced after being damaged from years of drug use.

Colin has become very committed to change during his most recent stay with our service and has sought and been provided with the support he needs. Colin has even been assisted to reconnect with his children who are currently based in the North of the state. He has been provided with financial assistance to travel north for meetings as well as being assisted with accommodation in the North.

Colin can finally see a positive future ahead of him and is awaiting a housing option to further assist him with remaining drug free, moving towards independence and having more contact with his children.