‘I came to Bethlehem House in March ‘16. I used to live in a rental with his 5 year old son and my partner in Risdon Vale but things didn’t go too well. I was using of ‘ice’ (methylamphetamine) and drinking heavily and the relationship just fell apart.

Beth’ House hooked me up with the Doctor and nurse and I started a journey of clean living to give up all the booze and drugs. It was Bethlehem House’s rules around no alcohol or drugs that helped to keep me on the right track.

I got a lot of support with the mental health problems I’d been struggling with for years. After getting on the right medication I felt better than I had in years.

Relationships Australia were good too: they helped me and my former partner rebuild a friendship so we could find ways to share custody of our son. My former partner happily helped me with a Housing Tasmania application and was happy to sign a statutory declaration giving shared custody and allowing a number of nights per week that our son could stay with me, if I could get a house.

I was doing so well and with the custody process and all, that Beth’ House gave me this 2 bedroom unit, right in North Hobart to stay in until my housing application came good.  I was able to spend more time with my son, taking him to and from school as well as having him stay several nights a week.’

By January 2017 Jay was offered a two bedroom property with Housing Tasmania in the Rosny area. Jay is doing well, his son is getting the support he needs at school and at home. In less than 12 months Jay turned his life around and has become the kind father he wanted to be.