‘I was working part time as a Chef and drinking pretty heavily when I decided I needed help from Bethlehem House to get my life back on track.

When I was drinking I would be really nasty to my wife, so she wanted me to leave the house and wanted to end the relationship. It was the last hope for my marriage, for me to come to Bethlehem House and not drink for 6 months. My wife didn’t believe I could do it but she agreed to let me try.

I’ve got 2 kids and my whole focus during my time at Bethlehem House was on changing my life so I could be a better partner and father. At Bethlehem House, I had to comply with the guidelines around no alcohol and I linked in with counselling too. After 4 months I hadn’t had a drink and my wife said ‘Come home!’ but I said “NO… not until I have completed the 6 months I promised you”.

It was 6 months on the dot, I signed out of Bethlehem House and went home to my beautiful wife and 2 children and I’m still enjoying a healthy and  much happier life today.’