Robert arrived at Bethlehem house in February 2015.  He had been a heavy drug user since the age of 14 and had given up drugs just 4 months prior to arriving at Bethlehem House.

Robert needed support as he had been told by Child Protection he could only have access to his partner and his new-born baby if he remained off all drugs. Robert is now 34.

The first thing we did was to arrange a doctor’s appointment for Robert who hadn’t been to a doctor for many years. The doctor checked for Hepatitis and prescribed medication to assist Robert with his abstinence from drugs. Robert said that our no drugs policy at Bethlehem House assisted him in his efforts to abstain by reducing the temptation to get back on them. He could not recall ever being without drugs before.

To further assist Robert we spoke to the Child Protection Agency and agreed to perform his weekly drug tests here and report the results to them.  This requirement has been reduced to monthly as Robert has tested negative for all drugs. A positive reading would see him and his partner losing custody of their baby.

With our assistance Robert found a 2 bedroom unit in Glenorchy. He was ecstatic that his family was now together thanks to the assistance of Bethlehem House. This is the first time Robert has had a place of his own as a family unit and he was over the moon about it.

Robert is now looking for full time employment and a bright new drug free future.