Brock was assisted by the service for over 4 months, after presenting soon after losing custody of his son.

Brock and his ex-partner separated and he was left with his son in his full time care.

After an intervention from child protection Brock moved into the service and focused tirelessly on getting his son back.  Brock was assisted by staff to link in with a parenting program, providing regular clean drug tests conducted by pathology and Bethlehem House services. Brock got his life on track.

When it came to an upcoming court date regarding access to his son, Brock was at risk of limited access due to not having a permanent residence with a separate bedroom for his son.

Brock did his best to keep his furniture which he continued to pay storage costs for and with advocacy on his behalf Brock was assisted to move into a permanent 2 bedroom property and now is living independently back in the community with his son.