Peter came to our service late last year at a time when he was trying to stop using illicit drugs.

He saw the benefit of staying somewhere that had random drug testing and other supports in place to help him reach his goal of being drug free.

Peter got involved in the house activities and started to feel more positive and motivated. He found some casual work, and after six months at Bethlehem House he received a unit from Housing Tasmania and was happy to move on to the next stage of his journey.

Unfortunately Peter was quickly re-introduced to illicit drugs and in a moment of weakness he gave in to temptation. He lost a lot of weight and was finding life a struggle once again. This news had filtered back to the case workers at Bethlehem House and they contacted Peter and offered assistance to help him sort things out. Peter moved back into Bethlehem House so that he could get the support to work through his issues and once again be drug free. Once again Peter is making positive steps towards his recovery.