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Dave Noonan - Ambassador

Dave Noonan – Bethlehem House Ambassador

I am proud to have been asked to be a Bethlehem House Ambassador. I believe everyone has the right to shelter, food and care and the love of their community. Bethlehem House is a wonderful example of an organisation providing this care for those who find themselves homeless and I hope I can be of some assistance in their programmes.

I was born in Hobart but moved away in my 20s. I returned in 1994 when I started working in radio at Triple T as it was then. In the lat 25 years Hobart has grown culturally and economically but sadly it has also seen a rise in homelessness and disadvantage for many. I love Hobart and believe it is one of the best small, cosmopolitan cities in the world.

I love being involved with Bethlehem House because it breaks my heart to see people who are struggling emotionally, mentally, economically and physically. It can happen to any of us and I believe it is the responsibility of us all to play a role in the care of others in need. Homelessness is a difficult issue and Bethlehem House is doing a great job helping ease the burden many men are experiencing.

Something you may not know about me is that on the day I married my wife I actually thought I was going out with my best mate and a few friends from Sydney! It was a nefarious plan concocted by my wife and he totally fooled me. As we stood on a carpark roof waiting for the friends to arrive I got a tap on the shoulder and my wife was there with a celebrant. Yes it was a huge shock! And yes we did get married and are still together.