When you meet James, the first thing you notice are his kind eyes. James suffered a great deal as a young boy.. yet he still has a gentle heart.

When things are really bad for James, he finds it hard to ask for help as he feels unworthy.

He says these feelings of worthlessness stem from his childhood: he fled abuse as a young boy, sleeping in underpasses, huddled up with other street kids for warmth under a tarp…

Your compassion for someone like James will do more than just give a warm bed, meal and shower.

You’ll be the voice of encouragement that keeps someone like James getting up again — no matter how many times life knocks him down.

I urgently need your help to keep someone like James warm over winter.

You may have heard of Bethlehem House. We are one of Tasmania’s largest emergency housing for homeless men. You can imagine how important this is, particularly in winter.

This winter, the need will be greater than ever. More men than ever before are being pushed into crisis because they simply don’t have housing options — and we’re concerned we’ll have to turn men away to sleep out in the cold.

Will you give $45 to give a warm bed for a homeless man like James over winter? More than that, with your gift before June 30 you’ll help him get back on his feet too.

The good news is, we’re so much more than a warm bed. Here at Bethlehem House, we provide wraparound care that not only helps men survive the cold, but helps them overcome the challenges (or trauma) that made them homeless in the first place.

The truth is, for some of our residents, life couldn’t get much tougher.

James has nowhere to live this winter. In fact, while I write this letter to you, he’s meeting with one of our dedicated case managers.

As you might know yourself, it’s hard to accept help. And James has had the hardest journey to our door.

James was abused in childhood — his home was not a safe place and he escaped to live on the streets when he was only a boy.

No child should endure this. And it reminds me that when you see homelessness, you simply never know the story behind it. I’ve learned that there’s no ‘type’ of person who becomes homeless. The only thing they have in common is that at some point, life knocked them down hard …

Yet James keeps getting back up on his feet, trying to live a normal life. He’s determined to find a home, and steady work. He wants to pay his own way, and provide for himself … But with so little income, he can barely cover the cost of his meals, let alone accommodation (and the support he needs to recover from a life of trauma).

What James needs is a helping hand to see him through the winter, paired with specialised care to see him back on his feet.
Your $45 gift will be so much more than a bed. When you give before June 30, you’ll give practical support from a dedicated case worker so James has hope. And the vote of confidence that someone right here in Hobart — you! — cared enough to reach out to him.

As the nights cool – and the need grows – we critically need your help by June 30 to carry on the good work we do reaching out to men like James.

rental affordability crisis

Stephanie Kirkman Meikle

You can donate now to Bethlehem House Winter Appeal at www.givenow.com.au/zerohomeless.

Or you can call us directly on 03 6234 4594.

Your gift of ‘hope’ is priceless. Thank you for giving a gift of hope in our community over the long, cold winter.

Yours sincerely,
Chief Executive Officer, Bethlehem House

We served 37,200 meals in the last year.

Feeding the homeless in hobart

Urgent Assistance

We provide 24/7 emergency and transitional accommodation in our centre in North Hobart:

  • A warm, safe bed, hot showers, regular hot meals

    (we have space for 34 men each night, totalling over 12,000 bed nights a year)

Ongoing Support

From day 1, our Specialist Case Workers support homeless men to plan their recovery.

Support is provided to:

  • Manage money

    and get on top of debt

  • Rebuild relationships

  • Get access to legal service

  • Access specialist support

  • Improve life-skills — literacy and cooking

  • Kick goals!