The Mid-Winter Fest Pilgrimage is an epic 40km trek fundraiser for crisis and emergency accommodation for the homeless and near homeless in Hobart.

The pilgrimage starts at Bethlehem House and traverses its way over two days, with one night spent on top of Kunanyi / Mt Wellington and on to the amazing mid-winter feast festival site in Grove. The trek will pass through stark alpine environments, with the potential for driving snow, tenacious winds, and freezing conditions!

The participants will spend a very cold night embracing Hobarts wintery conditions, as many people in Hobart are forced to endure daily. The Pilgrimage hopes to highlight the pressure being placed on crisis and emergency accommodation in hobart due to current housing shortages. The walking group includes representatives from Wild Pedder, Willie Smith’s and a homeless resident of Bethlehem House.

The Pilgrimage is a joint project between Wild Pedder Adventure Tours and Willie Smiths, proudly supporting Hobart Womens Shelter and Bethlehem House.