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Rosalie Martin - Ambassador

Rosalie Martin – Bethlehem House Ambassador

Rosalie is a criminologist, a facilitator of reflective dialogue with the Center for Courage & Renewal, and a clinical speech pathologist with more than 35 years of clinical experience.

Rosalie has long lamented inequity and inadequacy in the services which are intended to support people with impaired communication and literacy. In 2013 she founded the charity Connect42 as a vehicle to bring agency-producing development of communication and positive relatedness to settings of disadvantage.

This work began at Tasmania’s Risdon prison with the Just Sentences literacy pilot project and the Just Time parent-child attachment program.

In 2017 Rosalie was awarded Tasmanian Australian of the Year for the work she began at the prison.

To gain better context for bringing speech pathology interventions into prison settings, Rosalie completed Criminology Honours in 2016 and hopes to commence a part-time PhD in Criminology in the next couple of years. She continues to develop Connect42’s programs, whilst also working in and managing the teams in her own state-wide private speech pathology practice.

Rosalie’s intends to keep raising awareness of the attainability of literacy for all, promoting the value of kindness in evidence-based service delivery, and influencing systems and agencies toward deeper understanding that warm connection is the basis of all learning, inclusion, positive progress and transformation. In so doing, she aims for the many unconsciously competent communicators occupying positions of influence to recognise the role they have to play in addressing the largely hidden, yet costly community issue of impaired communication.

More than anything else, Rosalie is aware that nothing worth doing is ever done alone – she has enormous gratitude for the support and direction she has received from family, friends and many colleagues.