Manager Homelessness Services Needed

Volunteers Needed

This is a unique opportunity to support homeless men by offering some of your time and skills.

You have a unique set of skills and abilities that are just invaluable. Can you share your enthusiasm and passion for an activity you like to do, with our homeless residents? Could you spare an hour or two each week to spend time with a small group of residents or one to one?

What sort of skills to we need?

There’s the adult reading program…..

We need people willing to read with someone else, to help him learn some of the important steps in literacy that he may have missed, growing up. You don’t have to be a teacher: just a good reader and we will show you the rest. Our literacy program is supported by Connect42 speech pathologist Rosie Martin, who will guide you.

Or how about sharing your woodworking skills? When you are homeless, you can have a lot of time on your hands and having a project to work on can make all the difference. We’ve got a little workshop space, where we’d love to start a furniture reuse/ upcycle project remaking useful items. Perhaps you are good with hand tools or power tools and would like to help some of our men in this project?

Do you have a full clean driver’s licence? You may not have realised how valuable your time is, but we always need volunteer drivers to take people to appointments or to drive the bus to take men fishing/ to a sports event etc. Volunteer drivers are a great help to staff who can concentrate on supporting the men.

We also need enthusiastic amateur gardeners for a planned community garden project, artists, crafts persons, people to teach how to cook their favourite recipes, model makers, people good at budgeting and a whole load more interesting people who can share their hobby with others.

What’s the commitment? We’d like you to commit to turning up each week, as planned for at least an hour. That way men will feel supported and they will look forward to your visit and the activity they can engage with. We’ll always have staff on hand and you’ll always be supported and your help will be valued.

What’s holding you back? Give us a call on 6234 4594, ask to speak to Ian, our Volunteer manager or drop us a line at ‘

The people we support really need you and we’d love to hear from you.