Bethlehem House BoatUnlike Noah, Bethlehem House resident Leigh is not expecting the flood but he is building a boat in our backyard.

Leigh has been a resident of Bethlehem House a couple of times but struggles with alcohol addiction, which keeps him back from leading the happy successful life he would otherwise enjoy.

Leigh spoke eloquently to Southern Cross News in a broadcast which went out on Christmas Eve …

A quiet, well-spoken and knowledgeable man, he has a range of skills which he is only too happy to share with others: from tying trout flies, to building boats and he is also a talented musician who has played guitar with many Australian bands.

The life of a muso has not helped Leigh to deal with his alcohol problem, so he is concentrating instead on building small lightweight craft, in a workshop which has been especially set up for Leigh, at Bethlehem House, when he found that he could not get accepted as a tenant in a Hobart creative workshop/ studio space. Leigh wants to get on with life and is accessing a range of supports through our caseworkers. Maybe one day soon he’ll be able to take us out fly fishing in a brand new dinghy?

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