Our Vision

To provide quality accommodation and support services for homeless men and men at risk of homelessness, in Tasmania.

Our Mission

To ensure the provision of high quality, consumer driven, integrated services to meet the needs of men experiencing disadvantage.

To work collaboratively with other agencies to minimise service duplication and ensure that clients are provided with access to all supports needed for recovery from homelessness.

Our Values & Principles

These values and principles form the basis and underpin the work of the organisation. All staff, volunteers, board members and business partners must be aware of these values and principles and ensure that their work supports the capacity of the organisation to realise these.

  • Respect
  • Empowerment
  • Hope
  • Integrity

Supporting Homeless Men In Hobart, Tasmania Since 1973

Bethlehem House Hobart is a 24-hour service centre for homeless men in central Hobart.

Bethlehem House is a special work of the St Vincent de Paul Society, and has been operating continuously since 1973.

Currently Bethlehem House is the largest centre in Tasmania for homeless men, and is the only 24 hr crisis accommodation centre in Hobart.

Bethlehem House has the capacity to provide a total of 12,500 bed nights each year, and currently also delivers 30,000 meals per year to both residents and non-residents.

Bethlehem House is assisted by funding from the Federal and State Governments through the National Affordable Housing Agreement and through residents contributions. Grant funding in recent years from the State Government, the Tasmanian Community Fund and the Hobart City Council have helped finance renovations and upgrades to facilities within Bethlehem House which is a beautiful listed building but difficult to maintain, heat and provide a modern standard of accommodation.

Bethlehem House relies upon the generosity of individuals, businesses and the wider community to continue its work supporting homeless men.

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