Volunteers Needed

This is a unique opportunity to support homeless men by offering some of your time and skills.

You have a unique set of skills and abilities that are just invaluable. Can you share your enthusiasm and passion for an activity you like to do, with our homeless residents? Could you spare an hour or two each week to spend time with a small group of residents or one to one?

What sort of skills to we need?

There’s the adult reading program…..

We need people willing to read with someone else, to help him learn some of the important steps in literacy that he may have missed, growing up. You don’t have to be a teacher: just a good reader and we will show you the rest. Our literacy program is supported by Connect42 speech pathologist Rosie Martin, who will guide you.

Or how about sharing your woodworking skills? When you are homeless, you can have a lot of time on your hands and having a project to work on can make all the difference. We’ve got a little workshop space, where we’d love to start a furniture reuse/ upcycle project remaking useful items. Perhaps you are good with hand tools or power tools and would like to help some of our men in this project?

Do you have a full clean driver’s licence? You may not have realised how valuable your time is, but we always need volunteer drivers to take people to appointments or to drive the bus to take men fishing/ to a sports event etc. Volunteer drivers are a great help to staff who can concentrate on supporting the men.

We also need enthusiastic amateur gardeners for a planned community garden project, artists, crafts persons, people to teach how to cook their favourite recipes, model makers, people good at budgeting and a whole load more interesting people who can share their hobby with others.

What’s the commitment? We’d like you to commit to turning up each week, as planned for at least an hour. That way men will feel supported and they will look forward to your visit and the activity they can engage with. We’ll always have staff on hand and you’ll always be supported and your help will be valued.

What’s holding you back? Give us a call on 6234 4594, ask to speak to Ian, our Volunteer manager or drop us a line at ‘admin@bethlehemhouse.org.au.

The people we support really need you and we’d love to hear from you.

ABC’s Radio Hobart Visit Our New Pod Homes

Our new living pods at Bethlehem House allow men without a home to learn independent living.

Case Manager James Hamilton gave Radio Hobart’s reporter Rheinberger a tour and introduced him to two of the men living there.

Duration: 6min 52sec
Broadcast: Tue 30 Jun 2020, 4:00pm

Listen Here

2nd Vinnies CEO Sleepout

New $583,000 programme for homeless men: Improving Skills: Improving Lives of homeless men

Homeless men at Bethlehem House are to benefit from an additional $583,000 for a new support program aimed at teaching life skills and improving their chances of a successful recovery from periods of homelessness.

Thanks to a successful grant deed from the Tasmanian Community Fund (TCF) and an allocation of funds from donations to Bethlehem House, the program will run for four years and hopes to reach 300 homeless men.

The programme is a collaboration including literacy, understanding finance, using computers, budgeting and household finances and improving relationship skills. Participants will re-engage with communities and build sustainable support systems.

Bethlehem House CEO, Stephanie Kirkman Meikle said this unique funding and program is well-timed and most welcome. It is tailored to make a difference in the lives of homeless men who otherwise would experience up to 6 episodes of prolonged homelessness in their lives.

“Thanks to the funding, we’ve been able to provide additional staff to deliver the program, which will lead to better outcomes for our residents, now that we are able to provide additional workshops and specialist resources to prepare them ready for life on their own, in their own place.”

Stephanie Kirkman Meikle – CEO Bethlehem House

The program partners are Chatter Matters, for literacy support 1:1, with a small team of volunteer helpers, Hobart Library staff teaching computer use, at Bethlehem House, and a range of specialist providers to be brought in to deliver support with finances, relationships and mental health issues. Bethlehem House staff will receive training support in motivational interviewing techniques from the Drug Education Network (DEN).

The impact and success of the program will be measured throughout the four years by University of Tasmania, Lecturer in Behaviour Management, Unit coordinator, Dr Jeff Thomas.

Our application the TCF was able to demonstrate whole of community benefit. When men are able to recover from homelessness and build up their ability to live independently, the whole community benefits.

‘The program took a couple of years to plan and we made more than one application to the TCF in that time. I can’t tell you how delighted we are to receive the grant funding. It’s very tight trying to provide all the support and accommodation that our residents require and getting tougher. We just want to do the best we possibly can for our residents and to continue to keep in touch after they move back into the community, to see that our program has helped and that they are continuing to manage independently’

The independent community funding body, the Tasmanian Community Fund was established following the sale of the Trust Bank in 1999 to give back to the community the proceeds from the sale of a community asset. Since that time the TCF has allocated approximately $58.6 million to approximately 1700 statewide projects.

For more information, please contact us.

Wild Pedder Adventures Raised $5,000 for Bethlehem House

Wild Pedder Adventures raised $5000 for Bethlehem House and $5000 for Hobart Women’s Shelter during their Winter Pilgrimage walk from Bethlehem House to Willie Smith’s.

Worksafe Award Finalists: Bethlehem House

Behind the scenes, Bethlehem House works hard to make it a safe environment and a healthy workplace for our invaluable staff. Without them, it would be impossible to look after the 300+ homeless men who stay with us each year.

Huon Valley Mid-Winter Fest Pilgrimage Fund Raiser

The Huon Valley Mid-Winter Fest Pilgrimage Fund Raiser is an epic 40km trek raising funds for crisis and emergency accommodation for the homeless and near homeless in Hobart.

Mental Health and Homelessness

In April, MHCT caught up with one of Bethlehem House’s Senior Case Managers, Jeff. MHCT hopes to speak to a variety of the people who contribute to improving the mental health of all Tasmanians. This month they wanted to focus on one of the biggest issues affecting our state right now: Mental Health and Homelessness

Housing “Plus”

Pro Bono News reports:  ‘Moving into permanent housing is the number one priority for people experiencing homelessness, according to the new report which also revealed veterans and Indigenous Australians were at significant risk of sleeping rough in Australia’s cities.’

A Ray of Light in the Rental Affordability Crisis

At Bethlehem House, our residents have been very busy as advocates for change. Six homeless residents in recent months have given media interviews to TV crews about homelessness, gambling addiction and the housing affordability crisis.

Support Bethlehem House With Entertainment Book

Your purchase of an Entertainment Membership contributes to our mission of providing safe crisis accommodation and excellent support for homeless men, in Tasmania.

Bethlehem House Tasmanian School Sleep-out

This inaugural school sleep-out event is a fun opportunity for your school to hold an overnight school camp or an awareness raising activity to raise funds for homeless men in Tasmania and raise awareness of some of the challenges they face.

Everybody’s Home Campaign

Homelessness Australia is urging all Australians to get involved in a campaign called Everybody’s Home Campaign, that will see everyone working together to call on our government to implement the solutions needed to ensure everyone has a home by 2030.

40 More Years Of Gambling Addiction Related Homelessness

Bethlehem House resident Simon Rolle and former resident Robert Kreschl, have been active campaigners in the campaign for restriction of Poker machines in Tasmania.
Both men have had first-hand experience of the misery and devastation caused by addiction to poker machines and resulting homelessness.

Census Data Shows Rise In Homelessness

One in five people who are homeless are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.  Inadequate incomes and unaffordable housing are forcing people into homelessness, as shown by today’s figures.

We’re building a boat!

Unlike Noah, Bethlehem House resident Leigh is not expecting the flood but he is building a boat in our backyard.

Pets In The Park Free Clinic

The first Pets in the Park Clinic in Tasmania will be held in Hobart on the first Saturday of the month – starting on Saturday 3 February 2018, 1.30–3.30 pm at Mathers Place forecourt, 108 Bathurst street, Hobart.

Fight Night Fundraiser -20th January 2018

This Fight Night Fundraiser is being held at Action Fitness Centre, 6 Pear Street, Derwent Park featuring Zelina Sherlock, Labour Party Candidate v Luke Jackson, WBO Oriental Featherweight Champion.

Challenges In Homelessness

In Tasmania, 1,579 people are homeless every day. Homelessness services across Tasmania provide accommodation for 661 women and Bethlehem House is among services supporting 920 homeless men, 92 of whom will be sleeping rough and 276-300 will pass through the doors of Bethlehem House.

A Message From CEO, Stephanie Kirkman Meikle